Practice Areas

Insurance Law

LL&AA has a significant participation in Insurance Law issues. This area has been growing steadily in our firm during the last years.

Our professional team provides ongoing assistance to insurance companies in out-of-court processes and mediations, working closely with the client and the insured party and avoiding unnecessary litigation with a view to the reduction of the number of claims underway.

The lawyers working in this area also represent the insurance companies in court in order to reach the best agreement for the client, while detecting fraudulent claims, and working closely with the company in order to achieve a successful transaction.

We have also developed a team specialized in ARTs (Occupational Risk Insurers) with proven expertise in this field, seeking to minimize the transactional and legal costs of our clients and providing ongoing counsel.

Pursuant to the current needs of insurance companies, LL&AA has created a wide network of correspondent lawyers who work in close contact with our staff and under our control and management nationwide.

In addition, during the last years LL&AA has advised insurance companies regarding regulatory matters and has represented them at the Regulatory Body of Insurance Companies, participating actively in negotiations with unions and trade associations.

Our resources and state-of-the-art technology allow us to render services to first class companies. Our staff is constantly updated about changes thanks to the permanent training that we offer.