Practice Areas


Since its origin, LL&AA has litigated in all the areas of law, putting all its long and proven expertise at the service of the clients it represents in all types of proceedings, stages, and jurisdictions nationwide.

In order to do so, we have recruited a team of highly experienced, qualified, tough litigators who exercise a strong commitment with the interests and goals of our clients thus making us one of the best law firms in the country as regards litigation.

At LL&AA we have been and are still actively involved in all kinds of legal proceedings such as:

  • Highly complex litigation.
  • Commercial proceedings.
  • Insurance proceedings.
  • Proceedings resulting from corporate issues.
  • Litigation related to family law and family businesses.
  • Civil liability proceedings.
  • Recovery of loan portfolios.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Labor proceedings.
  • Copyrights and image rights.
  • Antitrust proceedings.

Our law firm offers an extensive network of domestic correspondents as well as international alliances in order to render services nationwide and in international jurisdictions.