Practice Areas

Sports & Entertainment

Our firm offers unrivalled experience in sports & entertainment law. Our job as lawyers representing companies related to sports and entertainment and famous sports people and actors has gained us the reputation of being expert on this field.

The outstanding negotiation of important sports management contracts and licenses and sponsorship contracts and our experienced legal advice to the organizers of large sports events are some of our distinctive features. We have negotiated on behalf of our clients with national and international sports federations and associations.

Our legal services to renowned sportspeople and performers involve the negotiation and drafting of agreements with sports clubs, the media, TV and films, assignment of licenses, etc.

We have experience in legal advice to film and television producers, participating actively in the obtainment of filming permits, hiring of actors, locations and international commercialization of formats among others.

Our reputation as outstanding litigators has allowed us to act before the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport (TAS – CAS) representing important sports people.